Pomegranate Seed Oil (Virgin)



Oil Summary: Virgin Pomegranate seed oil is popular and highly sought after for beauty products due to its antioxidants and punicic acid. The oil is considered as an excellent base for all types of skin conditions, including eczema dry skin, cracked skin and mature skin. Pomegranate seed oil may revive skin’s elastic nature and stimulate keratinocyte production strengthening the dermis. Virgin pomegranate seed oil is an edible oil extracted from the pomegranate fruit seeds through cold pressing. This process preserves the oil’s quality and vitamins as there is no use of heat. The resultant oil is 100% pure and is quite similar to castor oil, only that it costs more. It constitutes potent anti-inflammatory properties that offer significant health benefits. But most importantly, they protect the skin from free radicals making pure pomegranate seed oil a valuable addition to your daily skincare routine. Pomegranate seed oil is an excellent natural exfoliator. It not only removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin but also, it helps with skin regeneration, thus increasing circulation and aid in wound healing. You can use pomegranate seed oil for any natural DIY sugar scrub. Pomegranate seed oil is an excellent oil to apply daily for its antioxidant content which helps prevent and repair free-radical damage on the skin. Also, it helps combat cancer in the long run.

Type: Conventional, cold pressed and virgin

Origin: Turkey

Botanical Name: Punica granatum

Contraindication: A skin patch test is recommended for people with sensitive skin to check for any allergic reactions or skin irritation. Pregnant women should avoid using pomegranate seed oil as it may cause pregnancy complications. However, it is safe to use pomegranate seed oil on your baby’s skin as it absorbs quickly, thus providing deep nourishment. Pomegranate fruit seeds or flesh are not safe for your dogs, as they may give your dog a stomach upset. However, pomegranate extracts are used in pet food and pet treats in minimal amounts.

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