Frankincense Essential Oil (Olibanum)

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Oil Summary: Olibanum Frankincense Oil derived from B. carterii is arguably the most sought after type of Frankincense, primarily because of its deep, warm, herbal aroma, which induces remarkable calming and meditative effects. Boswellia carterii plants are astonishingly adaptable, seemingly able to sprout from bare rock. Like serrata, carterii resin has high concentrations of terpenes, which are useful in the treatment of many health conditions, including cancer. Carterii essential oil has a much more potent aroma than serrata and is preferable in aromatherapy. Its also less readily available in the market, and is, therefore, pricier. Olibanum Frankincense Oil is renowned as one of the most valuable and precious essential oils. It has gained a solid reputation in aromatherapy, particularly for its strength in relieving chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Frankincense is distinguished among medical practitioners as an effective immunomodulator. It can strengthen a weak immune system and prevent illness from creeping in, while also relaxing unpleasantly active immune systems that overcompensate with severe allergic reactions every time a foreign substance enters the body. When inhaled, applied to the skin, or used internally, the regulatory effects of Frankincense can help to cure acute and chronic autoimmune disorders, such as arthritis, ulcerative colitis, bronchial asthma, and Crohn’s disease. Frankincense is also commonly used in bath water to decrease muscle aches and remedy inflammations caused by infection or injury. 

Odor and Appearance : Nearly colorless liquid

Country of origin : United Kingdom, France (Note: Item shipped will be from origin in-stock)

Type : Kosher

Botanical name : Boswella Carterii

Contraindication: Frankincense is very safe, especially when replacing prescription medications. It is among the friendliest oils to use, both topically and internally. That said, ingesting large quantities at once, can result in the oil becoming toxic. Some people have also reported adverse reactions to Frankincense, including mild skin rashes, and digestive problems like stomachaches and nausea. The blood thinning effects of Frankincense can be problematic to anyone with issues related to blood clotting, by encouraging bleeding and undermining anticoagulant medications.

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3 reviews for Frankincense Essential Oil (Olibanum)

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    Very good quality oil and very reasonable price

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    Top quality oil outstanding in effects.

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