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Insights on different oils and products from the UhRohMuh team

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Dave HanlonDave Hanlon
14:36 28 Aug 20
Friendly and well priced.
Dan SeeleyDan Seeley
03:48 07 Feb 20
I am extremely pleased with the essential oils I recently purchased. Feroz's offers a superior product in essential oils because the quality controls implemented ensure the oils are unadulterated and are pure. His knowledge of the global supply chain allows him to select the highest quality manufactures to deliver a cost effective product.
Amanda AllenAmanda Allen
07:01 26 Jan 20
AFFORDABLE 100% Essential oils! Honestly comparable to YOUNG LIVING! Many YL members have picked my uhrohmuh oils over their expensive stuff! I will continue to order and promote their oils forever!
12:51 23 Jun 19
I purchased East Indian Sandalwood essential oil from uh*Roh*Muh. I'm glad I did. I find it is very high quality and as described by uh*Roh*Muh on their website. It is rare to find real East Indian Sandalwood essential oil that has not been adulterated. Dealing with uh*Roh*Muh has been very pleasant with excellent customer service.
Irene KofiIrene Kofi
19:24 13 Jun 19
I have been using Uh Roh Muh for about 2 years and I absolutely LOVE their oils and essential oils. The prices are great and so is the customer service. As far as quality is concerned their oils passed safety and purity tests which were conducted overseas for my products using EU standards. Can't get any better than that. I just started using their unrefined shea butter about 2 months ago. I am hooked!
Koushik ChatterjeeKoushik Chatterjee
19:53 12 Jun 19
A few days after a very heavy workout, I had muscle soreness and pain. I bought the the pain reliever oil blend and after the first use I felt relief and felt better with every use.  Glad I found this and recommend this for anyone with muscle pain!
I bought the rose and Jasmine deos. Amazing products- in terms of gentleness and genuineness! Great customer service as well. Highly recommend!
Lasika RaoLasika Rao
11:51 12 Jun 19
I have bought lavender, rose, a few teacher gift packs and diffusers. I don't buy chemical ridden deos for my kids anymore. We instead use these organic oils -rose mixed with a carrier oil in a roll on bottle is my daughter's favorite - and they smell better as body heat increases, making these perfect for young athletes to use regularly without any concerns.Very happy with the products and would highly recommend!