Pine Essential Oil

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Oil Summary: Pinus Sylvestris also known as pine essential oil, Scotch pine or forest pine. Pinus sylvestris essential oil has a clean, strong, herbal, woody, foresty, and balsamic aroma, representing a strong top fragrance note. Its scent is associated with the outdoors, and is a frequent addition to winter essential oil diffuser blends, cleaning solutions and men’s cosmetics. Steam distilled from the needles of the evergreen conifer pinus sylvestris, or Scotch Pine, it produces a clear, colorless to light yellow-green liquid with a medium, slightly oily consistency. Its chemical constituents include limonene, b-pinene, a-pinene, myrcene, d3-carene. It is widely grown in the northern hemisphere, as it is well-suited to cold climates. It is probably for this reason that the oil is able to withstand extremely cold temperatures, in some cases as low as -40 degrees (the temperature at which Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same). Pine resin is used to produce rosin, which stringed instrument players use to give their bows the proper ‘stick’ against the strings. Pine resin was also used by the ancient Greeks as an additive to wine and some foods for export, in order to preserve and protect from anaerobic bacteria.

Odor and color : Depending on its source, pine oil may either have a fresh, earthy, and forest-like fragrance or a strong, dry, balsamic, turpentine-like odor.

Country of origin : Austria

Botanical name : Pinus sylvestris

Contraindications : Pine essential oil can cause serious reactions if you are prone to environmental allergies. It can also irritate the mucous membranes if used excessively. Consult a veterinarian before using on pets. Always heed recommended dilution factors when using topically, as pine essential oil can be a strong irritant. Not recommended for use on children or the elderly, as it can cause hypertension and systemic irritation. Use sparingly, and never take internally as it can cause severe kidney damage. If you suffer from kidney disease, you should avoid pine oil entirely.


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2 reviews for Pine Essential Oil

  1. COREY E. (verified owner)

    I really like this manly forest essential oils for a real rugged lumberjack. Perfect for the holiday season.

  2. nissim m. (verified owner)

    Always beautiful quality

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