Sage Essential Oil (Organic)


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Oil Summary: Organic Sage Oil is derived from the leaves of the common sage plant also known as Sage Dalmatian. The Dalmatian origin 30% essential oil is a high-potency, steam-distilled oil that should be used with great care due to its high levels of ketones. The 30% refers to its thujone content, a constituent that is not present in clary sage or other forms of sage essential oil. Organic Sage Oil was prized for its medicinal properties by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Hippocrates included it in his list of 400 simples, and Dioscorides found it effective in treating liver disease. The ancient Egyptians administered it to infertile women, and the Greeks still make a tea from it, believing that it helps to stimulate the senses, and protect from loss of memory. In the middle ages, it was used as a plague remedy, and widely regarded as a cure-all. In the early days of modern aromatherapy, it was thought to be helpful in treating womens ailments and easing the symptoms of difficult menstruation as well as menopause. It can be helpful allowing the release of tension and pent-up anxieties. Organic Sage Oil used in hair tonics and conditioners to stimulate hair follicles and prevent further hair loss. This essential oil breaks up chest congestion caused by colds and flu, and relieves discomfort caused by respiratory infection.

Odor and Appearance : Yellow-green liquid with a medium, camphorous, warm and spicy herbal scent.

Country of origin : Spain

Botanical name : Salvia officinalis

Contraindications : Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Large amounts have proven to be neurotoxic, and taken internally it can be fatal. Sage Dalmatian essential oil should be avoided by children, young adults and sensitive individuals. If you suffer from epilepsy, or nervous hysteria, you should avoid sage Dalmatian. Heed all recommended dilution factors before use, and test on a small area of skin until you know your tolerance.

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