Coconut Oil – RBD (92 degrees)



Coconut oil rbd 92 are surely more hygienic than the unrefined coconut oil because of how it’s processed. Refined coconut oils are usually made from dried coconut meat also commonly known as copra in India. Coconut oil rbd 92 from copra is expelled with the use of a bulls or a machine-driven expeller. The oil is extracted by this method is not suitable for consumption because of the impurities it contains and also may be harmful for health.  This oil needs to go through refining, bleaching, and deodorizing. The coconut oil producers remove these impurities by filtration and heat which eliminates the harmful agents in the oil. The process of deodorizing removes the distinct smell of coconut.

92 degree RBD coconut oils is hydrogenated with much higher melting point than the other coconut oil types that have lower melting point, hydrogenation results in reduced unsaturated fatty acids. Due to higher melting temperate, this ingredient is very suitable for summer products, such as, sunscreen lotions and lip balms.

Origin: Philippines, Indonesia

Botanical Name: Cocos Nucifera

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