Bloating Fix


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Oil Summary:

This synergy contains blend of Ginger, Black Pepper, Sage, Oregano, Peppermint and Lemon, a very potent synergy to combat bloating issues due to varied medical condition. Every oil in our blend combats multitude of gastrointestinal issues and can assist in restoring intestinal equilibrium for a Bloating Fix.

Plant Origin: China, India, Spain and U.S.A..


  • Add?a drop in hot/warm tea in 100 ml liquid.
  • Add a drop in cold beverage in 100 ml liquid.
  • Add a drop in honey and intake orally.
  • To avoid after taste, it’s best to add a drop of this blend in an empty capsule.
  • Remember, just a drop goes a long way because this blend consist of 100% essential oils. For oral intake, we suggest medical advice from a trained aromatherapist.

Contraindication: Excess intake of Oregano is not recommended, please read Oregano article completely before consumption.


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