Odor and Appearance : Medium to dark amber liquid

Country of origin : France.

Botanical name : See Content section in main body of the page for INCI

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Solubol is a food grade emulsifier to dissolve essential oils in water, tea or other liquids. Solubol will allow the blending of up to 20-25% Essential oil. The mixture will need stirring/shaking before further use. The blend of Solubol and Essential Oil should be diluted further at least 20 times.



Vegetable glycerine (50,00% to 70,00%)

Water ( 20,00% to 30,00%)

Soy lecithin (1,00% to 10,00%)

Natural extracts of squash and coconut (1,00% to 10,00%) Ascorbic acid (0,01% to 0,10%) Citric acid (0,01% to 0,10%) Vitamine E acetate (0,01% to 0,10%) Extract of rosemary (0,01% to 0,10%)



Use product concentrated to consume after a minimal dilution of 20 times. SOLUBOL? NV allows the incorporation from 20 to 25 % of an essential oil or an essential oil complex. The mixture obtained not being stable, it is necessary to agitate the product before its use (a fraction of essential oil goes back on the surface to more according to its nature).


To obtain a drink in the form of a stable emulsion, it is enough to put the mixture oils essential/SOLUBOL to bottom of glass and to add water, or to deposit some drops directly in herb tea or water glass.

Note: Following translated from French language so some words may not be translated correctly.

Example :

Essential oil of levisticum officinalis herb levisticum officinalis herb – 2 ml



Mix and agitate well and agitate well before its use. Put 10 drops 10 drops of this mixture in water glass or or a herb tea or or a soup, 2 or 3 times per day. The same formulas could be applied to the essential oil of Mentha piperita, Citrus sinensis, Citrus limonum… (10 drops of this this mixture correspond to approximately 2 pure essential oil oil drops). It is preferable to make the preparation in a bottle of higher volume to agitate correctly. The prepared solution being sometimes too thick to pass correctly in certain drops, it is is also possible to apply the mode of preparation according to :


Essential oil : 2 ml


Water or hydrolate : 10 ml


Mix the whole in a bottle of 25 or 30 ml and to agitate before use. Use 2 Essential Oil drops, it will be enough to put 20 drops of this mixture in herb tea or glass of water.


For large quantities please contact us via our phone number or through the Contact Us page.

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