Rose Flower Water


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Summary: Rose flower water is commonly used in bath and beauty products. Floral water are produced in the same or similar manner as essential oils. However, the essential oil will float to the top of the distillate where it is removed, leaving behind the watery distillate. In the past, these essential waters were often considered a byproduct of distillation, but now are considered an important co-product. The produced herbal waters are essentially diluted essential oils at less than 1% concentration.

This rose flower water is made from super concentrated rosa damascena found in Turkey. The advantage of rose flower water from concentrated rose is that it’s a very stable water compared to conventional rose water i.e. the by-product of steam distillation. The typical conventional rose water’s shelf life is 6 months unless a preservative is added to the rose water to increase shelf life and most suppliers will add some sort of preservative to increase shelf life right from the onset. This is the key reason we decided to sell this type of flower water because it does not contain any alcohol or preservatives.

Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena

Plant Origin: Turkey; Processed: France

Plant Part: Petals

Odor and Color: Clear water with rose aroma.

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