Rose Essential Oil (Organic)


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Oil Summary: uh*Roh*Muh offers Organic Rose oil,  one of the most sought after Rose oils in the world. Roses are harvested by hand and gathered to a central location for distillation. The extraction of rose oil is essentially done through steam distillation. In some parts, an older, slower process called enfleurage is used. Although enfleurage is tasking, the oil obtained is the most precious and therapeutic because its chemical structure remains virtually unchanged after processing. It’s mainly famous as a flavoring ingredient in culinary delights, where it’s frequently sprinkled on meat dishes or added to spices, and as a natural Ayurveda substance for the treatment of various psycho-physical issues. Nearly all the rose oil exported to global markets comes from Bulgaria, Turkey, India, and France, with minimal contributions made by Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and some other Middle Eastern countries. Although there are no geographical chemotypes of Damask rose, the extraction process has a significant effect on the properties of the resulting oil. Consequently, oils from some regions have a better quality compared to others.

Our organic Rose oil is PCO certified.

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Extraction: Steam distillation

Type: Organic

Origin: Bulgaria

Odor and Color: its blossoms ranges from light pink to bright red, and the sweet, strongly floral aroma

Blends well with : Geranium, Jazmine, Clove, Palma and Lavender

Contraindications : As one of the friendliest essential oils, rose exhibits no significant side effects to the skin or body when used in moderation. However, although its aroma can eliminate headaches, fever and nausea, inhaling for an extensive period can do just the opposite. Because of rose oil’s effects on the reproductive and circulatory systems, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Moreover, there is not enough information to support or disprove whether rose oil has any effects on the fetus. Always test for sensitivity before widespread use on the skin by first applying it to a small, relatively safe area, such as the feet. Rose essential oil is considered safe to use undiluted, but it’s always advisable to use a suitable carrier oil like almond or jojoba when administering to the skin.

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