Calendula Oil (Organic)


EU customers – Due to EU organic regulatory requirement we are obligated to provide additional information on labels that our current retail labels don’t provide and thus we will be using a generic label that meets EU organic labeling requirement.

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Oil Summary: Organic Calendula carrier oil is extracted using maceration technique from Calendula Officinalis, commonly known as pot marigold and should not confused with true marigold, the latter is known as Tagetes Minuta.

Calendula macerated oil is commonly referred to Calendula infused oil and is widely used for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Calendula infused oil is most commonly macerated in olive oil or sunflower seed oil. Our USDA certified organic calendula oil is macerated in extra virgin olive oil.

Botanical Name: Calendula Officinalis

Plant Origin: Egypt

Processing Method: Maceration in extra virgin olive oil

Plant Part: Flower blossoms

Odor and Color: Mild floral odor; yellow to deep orange having the characteristic herbaceous-green color


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