Laurel Leaf Essential Oil



Oil Summary:  Laurel leaf oil is also called as Bay Laurel Leaf Oil and is used in aromatherapy as Top note. The oil has antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic, astringent, insecticidal and sedative properties. The oil is derived from the freshly picked leaves of the Laurel plant, an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean region. Laurel has a black-green bark and distinctively shiny, evergreen leaves. Even when slightly touched, Laurel leaves emit a beautiful aroma that attracts various insects in the wild. Historically, Laurel leaves are a widely reputed symbol of victory. In ancient Greece, they were used as head decoration for high achievers in the Olympic games. Greeks also considered the leaves as powerful medicine capable of treating severe ailments like plague and leprosy. Laurel Leaf is among the most recognizable scents in the world of essential oils. Its bright, spicy aroma is uplifting to the senses and can instantly induce confidence and courage. When feeling distressed or sad, a whiff of Laurel Leaf can be enough to improve your mood. This oil also boasts impressive skin smoothing and cleansing qualities. Applying it on your face can leave you feeling fresh, confident, and ready to face the day. In the evening, diffuse the oil in your room to fend off fatigue and treat sore muscles and joints.

Botanical Name: Laurus Nobilis

Plant Origin: Austria

Processing Method: Steam distillation

Plant Part: Leaves

Odor and Color: A colorless to pale yellow liquid with a fresh, aromatic, camphoraceous and spicy odor.

Main Constituents: Eucalyptol, Methyleugenol, Geraniol, Terpenes and Linalool.

Blends well with: Not available.

Contraindication: Do not use during pregnancy. Laurel leaf oil should not be consumed internally. If you are under any medication or have pre-existing medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before using laurel leaf oil for any form of treatment.

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