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Breathtaking natural fragrance sprays offered in 6 variety for different mood. Our fragrance sprayers are free of alcohol so it’s safe to use in household or businesses whose religious beliefs prohibit use of alcohol. Our natural fragrance sprays use all natural base ingredients.

Our fragrance sprays properties:

  • alcohol free
  • phthalate free
  • DPG free
  • will not irritate skins
  • are not flammable
  • vegan friendly

Blu Waves natural fragrance is a rich masculine scent that is highlighted by a fresh aromatic mix of lavender and citrus that emits a soothing yet vibrant aura. Complimentary notes of grapefruit and jasmine give this fragrance a gently sweet and soft floral aroma. Base notes of sandalwood and muskiness give this scent a smooth warmth and earthiness, making this an undeniably alluring and riveting fragrance.

Hawaiian Breeze natural fragrance smells like a tropical summer drink of sweet creamy coconut and pineapple. This relaxing room fragrance is reminiscent of a calm ocean breeze with refreshing top notes of bergamot and peach. Light floral aromas bring a softness that feels like being on a lush island. Paired with base notes of subtle musk and woodiness, this fragrance truly emulates the warmth and relaxation of a perfect summer day.

Heavenly Garden natural fragrance smells like drops of morning dew on freshly bloomed flower petals. This rich floral blend is brightened by top notes of lemon peel, bergamot, melon, and coconut, giving it a sweet and subtle zestiness. The cooling scent of heavenly is joined by the classic floral notes of rose, rich and sweet jasmine, subtly spiced carnation, and fluffy heliotrope. A gentle woody vanilla base note brings a fine warmth to this refreshing bouquet that truly smells like the new blooms of spring breaking through after the dead of winter.

Musk Have natural fragrance has a subtle aroma that gives just enough fragrance to spice up your natural scent without overwhelming the senses. Experience blend of frankincense which gives an earthy scent with a slightly sweet citrus tinge; myrrh that gives an ambery pine scent; cedarwood which, of course, provides a cooling woody scent; and patchouli and rose which adds a lovely floral spice note to this soft musk fragrance oil.

KoKo Mam’zel Bold gardenia and rose, gentle lily, and sensual jasmine at the heart create an irresistible bouquet of feminine floral notes. Base notes of woody amber, earthy patchouli and vetiver, and warm balsamic complete this mature feminine aroma with layers of sultriness, musk, and a slight spice.

Numéro ( nu-may-ho) Five Men Love this aroma. It’s a highly complex and unique blend of florals with distinct powdery scent of iris.  Layered over a warm  woody base of vetiver sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and patchouli, This spray has a pleasant and subtle scent that is truly a sophisticated composition of soft, powdery, floral and sweet musk.


  • Use as room spray
  • Wear as perfume
    • Can be sprayed directly on skin (patch test recommended)
    • Spray on clothes
  • Spray on drapes to suppress odor
  • Car freshener
  • Trashcan odor suppressor

INCI: Aqua, organic glycerin, organic soy liquid, food grade processed coconut, natural vitamin E, citric acid, fragrance mixture.

Size: 120 ml in aluminum bottle with black fine mist sprayer. Both bottle and sprayer are reusable.

Important Note: Oil based ingredients may leave a thin layer of sheen on the surface where sprayed and visible at certain angle in light, the surface can be wiped off with soap and/or water. Discoloration on clothing may be possible, spray in an inconspicuous spot before spraying in larger areas such as clothing and draperies.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 2 in

Blu Waves, Hawaiian Breeze, Heavenly Garden, Musk Have, KoKo Mam'zel, Numéro Five, All Fragrances

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  1. Lasika R. (verified owner)

    I got 1 of each kind. We have a rather large open living room/kitchen/morning room area and it’s hard to light enough candles to make a difference, esp after cooking. These fragrances do an AMAZING job of making the space smell nice. My girls love the smell so much they run into the mist as I spray – so thank god for the skin safe essential oil base.
    Will update my review about specific fragrances, but heavenly garden is my favorite so far. Highly recommend – especially for the cooking season!

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