Dill Seed Essential Oil

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Certified Kosher Dill Seed Oil

Oil Summary:  Dill Seed Oil is stimulating, revitalizing, restoring, purifying and balancing oil. Its healing properties include antispasmodic , carminative, digestive, disinfectant, sedative and stomachic. Dill is good for the digestive system and helps relieve cramps, diarrhea, indigestion and is known to whet the appetite. Dill seed is non-toxic and non-irritating. Dill oil is extracted from the dried seeds of the Dill plant through steam distillation. Dill seed harvesting is best done right after the plants have bloomed and the seeds are immature. Harvesting is typically done in the morning because dew prevents the seeds from shattering. Dill oil is more than just a culinary spice. Dill’s sweet flavor makes it appealing for use in dishes like curry and rice to improve their taste. It also harbors properties that make it an effective reliever of gastrointestinal discomfort. It harbors more than a few therapeutic qualities. If you have stomach problems, a dose of Dill can be all the relief you need. It can also alleviate insomnia, muscle pain, and skin blemishes. Start using it today, and experience these exceptional benefits first-hand.

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens

Plant Origin: Bulgaria

Processing Method: Steam distillation

Plant Part: extracted from the seeds or stems of the dill plant

Odor and Color: slightly yellowish to light brown liquid

Contraindication: Please check with your healthcare provider before use during pregnancy. Dill seed essential oil can irritate mucus membranes, inner ears, eyes, and other sensitive areas. It can also be harsh on sensitive skin. To test for sensitivity, apply a drop of Dill seed oil on a generally safe area like your palm’s backside. If you feel any uncomfortable tingling, wash off immediately with cold water. Despite its benefits with nursing mothers, aromatherapists generally discourage pregnant women from using Dill oil. If you crave some Dill while pregnant, you can use small quantities in your recipe. However, avoid concentrated Dill as it may be harmful to your health or fetus. Dill Seed essential oil is safe for dogs. It can help relieve digestion problems. It also works as an antioxidant and as a breath freshener.

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