Clementine Essential Oil



Summary: Clementine, a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange, produces an essential oil abundant in limonene with an array of benefits. It is rich in Vitamin C and helps in maintaining a healthy body. Promoting a healthy boost to the circulation and blood flow, Clementine essential oil makes the skin look young and radiant. It also prevents signs of aging and makes the skin appear youthful and mains health complexion. Other benefits of Clementine essential oil include, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and constipation problems. This oil also helps with mental health like anxiety and depression. It calms the nerves down and helps in reducing stress. It can also help with sleep problems like insomnia and its strong citrus aroma can wok like an anesthetic. As its delightful aroma spreads across the room it has made its name in the beauty industry as well.

Odor and appearance :  It is pale yellow-to-orange in appearance with a fresh citrus aroma.

Country of Origin : Italy

Botanical Name : Citrus Nobilis


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