Citrus Effect (4 bottle gift pack)


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Gift Pack Summary: Our citrus essential oil gift pack contains 4 15 ml euro dropper bottles and has some of the very popular essential oil from citrus family used in aromatherapy. Except Bergamot, all oils are extracted from fruits grown in our Country (USA). This pack contains:

Size: 15 ml x 4

Gift Box: Paulownia Wood with hot stamping of logo on lid

Botanical Name: Citrus Bergamia, Citrus Paradisil, Citrus Sinensis and Citrus Reticulata

Plant Origin: As stated above

Processing Method: Cold pressed

Contraindication: We advise reading contradictions of each oil from ‘Informational Pages’ of each oil.


Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 4 in


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