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Oil Summary: Star Anise Oil can be attributed for his properties as decongestant, aids in digestion, expectorant, insecticide, sedative, treat respiratory disorder. In India and certain other countries, anise is also used as a mouth freshener. The essential oil of anise is extracted by steam distillation of dried fruits of anise. Star anise oil was valued for its effect on the digestive system and has been used to treat stomach discomfort, indigestion, nausea, and bloating. For relief, add a few drops of star anise oil to a carrier oil, then massage your abdominal area. To reduce nausea, inhale the sweet aroma from the bottle or diffuse it in the air. Also, consuming star anise tea will help relieve some of these digestive problems. This essential oil is an effective antibacterial agent making it an excellent alternative to fighting bacteria topically. Especially on cuts and wounds, thus the oil protects you from other severe infections such as tetanus. Combine a few drops of the oil with a carrier oil, then apply on the wounded area twice daily. In case of any irritation; stop using the oil immediately.

Botanical Name: Illicium verum hook f.

Plant Origin: China

Processing Method: Steam distillation

Plant Part: extracted from fruits but roots are also used

Odor and Color: colorless strong licorice smell

Contraindication: Star anise oil can interact with anticoagulant drugs, thus may inhibit blood clotting. Therefore, it is essential to consult your health provider before using this oil. When purchasing this particular oil, it is vital to check the botanical name to not confuse it with the similar but toxic Japanese star anise. For topical use, it is crucial always to dilute star anise oil with a carrier oil. A skin patch test is recommended before use for people with sensitive skin. Keep out of reach of children, and it should not be used on children under five years. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as people with underlying health conditions like cancer, should also avoid using this oil. Star anise oil contains anethole, which studies show is safe to use on pets. This is because it can kill free radicals, hence protecting your pet from harmful bacteria and viruses. Even so, always consult your veterinarian before using this oil on your pet.

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