Castor Oil (Organic)

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Oil Summary: Organic Castor oil is a very thick and radiant oil used in naturopathy practice. Its major constituents are oleic, palmatic, linoleic acid and glycerine. The pressing of the Ricinus communis bean results in organic castor oil, which is a universal light pale-yellowish oil used widely for applications ranging from cosmetic to industrial. Full filtration of the organic castor oil leaves behind only a faint characteristic odor. Due to its nutrient-rich structure, castor oil may help moisturize the scalp and strengthen the hair, thus mending dryness and hair breakage. Applying castor oil to your hair helps lock in moisture, making the hair shiny, soft, and tangle-free. If you’ve got acne and are searching for a natural alternative to prescription treatment, you might consider using castor oil. This is because castor oil is non-greasy and quickly penetrates the skin without clogging any pores. Also, it contains antioxidant properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin, making it an effective natural remedy for acne. Moreover, Castor Oil USP has anti-inflammatory properties that help tame skin chapping and reduce dryness caused by eczema, and rosacea thus improving the skin complexion.

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis

Plant Origin: India

Processing Method: Cold pressed and unrefined

Plant Part: Beans

Odor and Color: Light pale yellow

Contraindications : People under medication such as diuretics and anticoagulants should avoid using castor oil. Castor oil is not recommended for pregnant women, as it may cause uterine contractions that may lead to pregnancy complications. Furthermore, castor oil should not be used in children below 12 years. All the same, always consult a pediatrician before using it on your child. Furthermore, in addition to its displeasing taste, castor oil also has side effects like diarrhea and cramping. More importantly, when used in older adults as a laxative, it should not be used over a long period, as it may worsen bowel movements. Castor oil is good for dogs when used topically unless they are sensitive to it. This oil moisturizes the skin and promotes healthy fur, prevents fungal infections, and keeps fleas and ticks at bay. However, it is highly recommended always to use a mouth collar when using castor oil on your pet as consumption in any form is toxic. Nonetheless, always consult your veterinarian before using it on your pet.

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