Rose Absolute (Bulgaria)

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Oil Summary: Bulgaria Rose absolute oil is relatively inexpensive compared to Rose Essential Oil and affordable for many offering more or same similar properties as Rose essential oil. The key difference is in extraction method for absolutes, Rose essential oil is steam distilled whereas our Bulgaria Rose absolute oil is extracted using solvent extraction. For generations, the rose flower has been nature’s prime embodiment of love, beauty, peace and purity. Its varied colors, shapes, and sizes can fit every mood and occasion, and its sweet note is the most distinctively known natural fragrance in the world. Even those with no prior knowledge of the beneficial qualities it holds will attest to one thing: seeing and smelling a rose flower can soften the toughest of hearts. In addition to its beautiful petals and the intoxicating scent, the rose flower is also known for its rose essential oil, which harbors many therapeutic and aromatic properties. It’s widely used in the treatment of physical and mental health conditions, as well as in natural beauty products to promote the good health of the skin.

Botanical Name: Rosa Damascena

Plant Origin: Bulgaria

Processing Method: Solvent Extract

Plant Part: Petals

Odor and Color: aroma is floral and fresh.

Contraindications : As one of the friendliest essential oils, rose exhibits no significant side effects to the skin or body when used in moderation. However, although its aroma can eliminate headaches, fever and nausea, inhaling for an extensive period can do just the opposite. Because of rose oil’s effects on the reproductive and circulatory systems, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Moreover, there is not enough information to support or disprove whether rose oil has any effects on the fetus. Always test for sensitivity before widespread use on the skin by first applying it to a small, relatively safe area, such as the feet. Rose essential oil is considered safe to use undiluted, but it’s always advisable to use a suitable carrier oil like almond or jojoba when administering to the skin.

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