Myrrh Resin (Wild Harvest)


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Harvested from Commiphora myrrha, a low growing desert tree, Myrrh gum resin is reddish-brown in colour. The tree exudes a viscous yellow gum, which hardens into the myrrh resin. Indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, lung congestion, arthritis pain are some of the issues myrrh can help with. It can work as a stimulant to increase menstrual flow. Myrrh resin is an aid for soreness and swelling, inflamed gums (gingivitis), loose teeth, canker sores, bad breath, and chapped lips when directly applied to the mouth. Topically, its benefits include mitigating hemorrhoids, bedsores, wounds, abrasions, and boils. In foods and beverages, myrrh works as a flavoring component. In manufacturing, myrrh has many uses such as a fragrance, in incense, and as a fixative in cosmetics. It is also used in embalming.


Country of origin : Ethiopia

Botanical name : Commiphora myrrha

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