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Product Info: Spot treatment serum is formulated using blend of? Frankincense, Myrrh and Lavender essential oils mixed in fractionated coconut oil. Spot treatment serum is primarily meant to target skin condition due to burns and skin blemish and will help in healing of the skin due to chemical properties of the essential oils in the blend.

The benefits of the oil used in the blend is as below:

Frankincense is one of the best known as anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and also known to prevent cancer. It is known as one of the best oils to prevent moles, warts and age spots. It is also known to treat wrinkles.

Lavender is commonly used for burns and healing of the skin. It eases the pain from burn and prevents infection. Due to chemical properties that promote rapid healing and reduces scarring, as well clearing blemishes and evening skin tones.

Myrrh is good for skin infections such as boil, skin ulcers, bedsores, wounds that won’t heal, such as, eczema and athletic’s foot.

Origin:? Frankincense – UK , Lavendar – Bulgaria/Spain, Myrrh – France, Fractionated Coconut – Singapore/Malaysia

Processing Method: Cobmination of steam distilled and cold pressed

Odor and Color: Light and clear color liquid with Lavender flower aroma

Directions: Roll on affected area just a little.

Size options: 5 ml – Clear bottle roll-on with steel ball roller; 1.8 ml sample – sample bottle with reducer

BIG PRINT: Another ‘hydrating serum’ but targeted use unlike our ‘age reversing serum’. Statements above have not been evaluated by FDA.


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