Angelica Root Essential Oil

Angelica Root Essential Oil

The Angelica root essential oil is named the Oil of Angels with good reason. Botanically known as Angelica archangelica, the Angelica root was believed to have been sent by a higher power for healing purposes, and this earned it names like Holy Spirit Root, Archangel Root, and the Oil of Angels. The root is also believed to be a key ingredient in the uniquely flavored liquors, Benedictine and Chartreuse, and is also commonly used in perfumes and fragrances. The essential oil is extracted from dried Angelica roots using the steam distillation method. A kilogram of the plant can produce between four to eight Milliliters of Angelica root essential oil.

Its healing and therapeutic properties will keep you at top health physically, emotionally, and mentally. You can use it in oil diffusers, add it to baths, use it for skincare, or as massage oil.

Angelica Root essential Oil

Angelica Root Essential oil : Background

The Angelica belongs to the Umbelliferae or Apiaceae family. It originates from Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, and Northern India. It grows up to two meters high and has a large rhizome. During the Victorian era, its leaves were used in tea while the stems made confectionary treats. In the Medieval Period, it was used to drive away negative energies.


Angelica Essential Oil : Benefits

Properties of the Angelica Root Essential Oil

The Angelica root essential oil comes in a pale yellow or orange-brown color and thin consistency. It has a pleasant woody, peppery, and herbaceous aroma and blends well with wood oils like Cedarwood. You can use it with Ennel, Myrtle, Tea Tree, Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Conifer oils.

This essential oil is grounding and relaxing. It makes it easier to manage the stress of daily life, rebuilds body strength, and restores balance in the body and mind.

What Benefits Does the Angelica Root Essential Oil Have?

Besides its distinctive flavor, the Angelica root essential oil has been effective in medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Improves Digestive Health

This essential oil can stimulate the digestive system and trigger the production of digestive juices. It also helps with fighting flatulence and activates the flow of bile from the liver. This makes the essential oil helpful to people with stomach ulcers and gastritis. It keeps the digestive system operating optimally in the long term.

It is Antispasmodic

The Angelica root essential oil carries relaxing properties. It is suitable for people dealing with spasms that can affect the nervous system, respiratory system, muscles, and joints, causing hiccoughs, convulsions, and aches. It also offers relief from cramps, including those that occur during menstruation.

It Detoxifies

The essential oil is a diuretic and diaphoretic. What this means is that it promotes urination and sweating, which helps the body get rid of toxic substances fast like excess salts, fats, uric acid, urea, water, and bile. This promotes healthy organs, lowers blood pressure, and prevents conditions like renal calculi, rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

A Healthy Nervous System

The Angelica root essential oil also helps with restoring the health of the nervous system. Being both a relaxant and a stimulant, it provides relief from ailments affecting the nervous system and strengthens it. It works by soothing the mind and stimulating the nerves to work properly.

Promotes Overall Well Being

The essential oil has the power to calm the mind and trigger an uplifted mood. It is an efficient destresser and contributes to reducing anxiety levels. Its restorative properties make it effective in promoting overall health and strong immunity. Angelica root essential oil is also helpful in restoring energy after recovering from a chronic illness or traumatic event.

Keeps the Skin Healthy

When this essential oil flushes toxins from the body and uses its relaxing power to stimulate blood circulation, the skin gets healthier. It prevents skin problems that can result from impurities, such as puffiness, pigmentation, and rosacea, and also restores microbial balance, which revitalizes and renews the skin. It can also soothe and heal problems like eczema and breakouts when applied topically.



The Angelica root essential oil is neither toxic nor an irritant. But the oil sensitizes the skin to UV light. This is because it contains bergapten, a chemical compound found in plants that cause phototoxicity. For this reason, avoid using it before exposing the skin to any UV light source or the sun.

Pregnant Women and those with diabetes should avoid using this essential oil. Breastfeeding moms and those under a doctor’s care should only use it under the directions of a physician.

Angelica root essential oil can be irritating and it should not be used undiluted. Carry out a skin patch test before applying it topically by applying it on the inside of your arm and tying it with a bandage. Wait for 24-48 hours to see if you will have any irritation.

In case you have pre-existing conditions or are under a drug prescription, it is best to seek medical advice before using Angelica root essential oil as a form of treatment.

You should not use it on children, especially those under three years. You should also not use it on pets that are expected to be outside for a long period.

Keep the essential oil in a dark, airtight container and store it in a refrigerator to avoid oxidation.



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